Leicestershire Landscapes Residency Evaluation

The final evaluation of Writing East Midlands Write Here Leicestershire Landscape residency can be heard here:

Thank you very much Natalie and Kerry for such a vital contribution to this evaluation.

Thank you very very very much to all you scapeshoppers – the work on this blog, and the recordings on SoundCloud are filled with your voices.

The residency continues, transmogrified as ‘Poetics of A Campus’, embedded into and funded by Loughborough University.

Live long in landscapes and wander!


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Log-in Cancel – last Write Here Scapeshop

… flux mix of Loughborough Library interior with exterior Queen’s Park …

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Slate-The Brand

Poem: Slate-The Brand

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Palm Tree Helpdesk Tragedy

The haircut palms regret
a long winter of dredlocks.
“If faulty please ring helpdesk 222121.”
But don’t ask to replace the reggae
of trees that saw a white Christmas
when every little thing got burned.
The harder they winters come…

The helpdesk never answered
(there’s something jammin’ on the one).

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Lear’s Entropy, Watermead, August 2011

Poets Steve Carroll & Mark Goodwin dig around
in Watermead Park for Lear & some

sense of August England …

To listen in on their diggings, go here:

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A Constructed Cube Round

On the 26th May 2011 a team of artists and poets entered
The Cube in The Phoenix Square in Leicester in England.
The team dug out words in response to Helen Saunder’s
constructed land & city scapes.

The produce can be listened to here:

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Sun-Fall & Tools, a Watermead Park, a Charnwood

Hlo Happy July-End! If you have eleven minutes and twenty-five seconds and a pair of good ear or headphones the opportunity to slip between the contours of consciousness in a Leicestershire landscape awaits you here: http://soundcloud.com/mark-scape-goodwin/sun-fall-tools-a-watermead-1

Kind regards, m

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